[Twilight:The Movie] A (Late Due to Mulituniversal Space Time Continum Rupture Anomly) Nineteenth Time for Everything

Well…I watched the first Twilight movie and then semi watched the first half of the second movie yesterday and honestly I don’t see why people despise them so much. The first movie was a fine decent movie. Sure the acting wasn’t amazing, Edward’s and Jacob’s actors were good, Bella’s was pretty good, I felt Bella’s dads acting was sub-par and everyone else was pretty good. Still the first movie basically consisted of mainly action interwoven with some girly romance is that so bad? I feel like it simply became mainstream to hate Twilight because Twilight was seen as mainstream…Yeah blows your mind don’t it? I also get this sense that it all started on the internet which makes sense. Things tend to get blown out of proportion times approximately 1000 on the internet. There was a large number of people that didn’t like the movie so what else is there to do but go to the internet to vent right? Because there is nothing better to do obviously.

[Being Good Gets You Places and Freedom Within the School World] A Twenty-First Time for Everything

There are two main ways to get to the point in school where you can do much of want you want and have the teacher let you. The first and most common way is to build a reputation of being bad. Missbehaving, Getting low grades, disrespecting and all around not giving a hootnany. The other way is by doing the exact oposite. Build a good reputation and you can tend to get hella brownie points. You can do many things that other students couldn’t because you are a good well respected student and teachers like and can trust you not to go overboard. The ladder is a big thing, often times teachers would like to let bad kids do thing but well…They are bad so they cannot be trusted with it. But if a good student wants to say sit in the teachers comupter chair to take notes for the sake of doing so said teacher would be okay with it because nothing will come of it. Now when you are bad enough long enough there wil be certain things you can get away with becuase the teachers simply dont care anymore, most namely not doing anything. Now for the most good students cant pull that off BUT they do get many good stuff privilages that tend to be much more enjoyable than sleeping. I suggest building a possitive reputation through being good it does work.

[In the End Live Life for Yourself] A Twentieth Time for Everything.

There is one thing on earth that most defiantly should no matter what rise above the ones you love and that is yourself. You have to love yourself. It is to dangerous not to. Putting all your love in the people around you and depending on them to keep you going works but it can’t forever. There comes a time in life when they cannot help you, nothing holding you back from giving up except….yourself. But what if you don’t have yourself? What if you don’t live life for yourself? What if the only reason you get up in the morning is for those people but you’ve hit a moment in life when they can’t be there for you. It’s all you and if you don’t have yourself and you don’t love yourself enough to keep going what will there be to do then? BLAOW are your brains going to be all over the floor? Should they? No. What would be going through your head? Not the fact that it will crush everyone you love obviously or you wouldn’t even be considering it. So if your loved ones aren’t going to stop you from giving up on life what can? YOU. Your love for yourself. Your drive to continue living for you, so you can be happy. Not for others. Doesn’t that mean going about life screwing everyone over to do what you want? NO. It means at the core of your being when all the smoke and mirrors are removed you have to live life for yourself and love yourself above others. Others come second.

[More Often Then Not It Still Hurts so Don’t Bring It Up…Wait Nevermind.] An Eighteenth Time for Everything

  Note: Make sure if you start this one don’t stop reading until the end or you will miss the real reason i’m posting this.

  More often then not when an ex talks about their current sex life it sucks, especially when you have retained a friendship with them -well at least for me, I feel its the same for a lot of other people-. It feels like a re-break up every time it is mentioned. You get this overwhelming pain that is like everything you felt in the break up condensed into a few minutes of aftershock in the wake of what has been said. Sometimes it is even painful enough that you feel it for a while after what was said has been said -like days- and you simply can’t get it out of your head. You are transported back to the days of the after breakup experience when you’d be sitting there enjoying yourself having fun then all of the sudden BAM depressing thoughts out of nowhere about what you had with him/her,her/his new relationship, -the worst- Memories you had with him/her, and even worse than the worse their new sex life etc. Your suddenly propelled into a sort of limbo of pain/shock/trauma/surprise for a fraction of time that lasts a few seconds and you completely zone out of the world and exist in this thought….and then you snap out of it to a point where you can at least continue what you were doing though the nugget of pain last a while longer and the thought still plagues your mind. Yeah you get to experience THAT fun-ness again.

  So what now? Those in this situation i’m describing probably have to put up with this more than once and with more things then just having to hear about their sex life. There are other things that can be heard about exes then just sex life that causes this reaction. Well any rational being would request that the ex or whoever said it -often times it’s not even the ex who says it to you or near your zone of hearing- doesn’t talk about the subject right? Well…No. You see at least for me if I were to go and tell them not to talk about it or if they actually managed to get the very obvious freaking clue that is the sudden total change of facial expression and silence and stopped talking about it I’d feel like I was cutting off a bit of conversation abilities. I feel like I’m putting strain on the friendship and offering a gateway to keeping secrets from each other etc. It just feels wrong, like i’d be preventing our friendship or something. and I consider myself a rational person…. -now obviously all of this is only a valid issue if the person who verbalized said thing is your friend-.

  So what now? You are damned if you do and damned if you do not. Yet when all things related are tallied up I ,at least, would rather live with some pain and keep a fully open and true honest relationship then live with a restrained one, that just makes it feel fake. I feel many people would agree with me.

Back In Black Hoddie.

So quick update my cherished few followers, I am fairly certain I have managed to find a time slot in my day to go on Tumblr basically everyday so I should be posting more starting tomorrow. Not today because I was Busy watching Forward Unto Dawn, Fellow Halo fans I hope you understand and everyone else…Please still understand.

[Sex.] A Seventeenth Time for Everything.

I was at a party last night and of course no party is complete without music so to that end we played the radio. Through out the party I noticed something, no matter how many times the station was changed between those 3 or 4 mainstream music stations the song playing was pretty much always about sex. Following that realization I then realized about 3/4s of those songs where about or referenced how “carefree” sex is. It kind of made me laugh in a dark humorous way. Now to me that music does have its place in the world and I listen to it during fun times but to actually believe what the lyrics say, to me, is just stupid. But sadly I think that kind of music, TV , movies, books, “carefree” sex based media in general has rubbed off on society big time.

   Tons of people and mainly younger people have been falling into the illusion that sex is this carefree not so serious thing you do. Fuck bitches, get money right?…and get a baby…and AIDS…and emotional cluster fucks. Nothing that emotionally tied can be revered as carefree. Sex is a wonderful thing but it has all the right elements to screw everything up and it does often.

The most immediate issue it imposes is the emotional problems. For the average person sex is, whether they like it or not, a massively huge emotional deal, It causes all kinds of chemical stuff to go off in ones brain that makes them feel all kinds of emotions that no young kid and or teenager could ever hope to know how to handle. Hell adults don’t know how to handle it half the time. The two biggest ones are for Women it sets a chemical off that makes them more attached to the other participant (men have that too but not to the same extream) -ahhhhh so thats why “flings”/ Friends with benefits never works!!!!- and for everyone it can created this false sense of love that in the end isn’t real. Sex is the closest you can ever get to someone physically, spiritually, and emotionally. For that split second that is the orgasm all boundaries feel as if they have snapped and broken. You are one with this person, you are in love with this person, you’ve never felt you could ever need anyone other than this person BAM the orgasm ends reality snaps back and you have to deal with what you have just done..If your lucky you get to cuddle a while and you delay the undeniable truth that you will have to deal with what you just did whether that ends up OK or not.

   Probably the least thought of issue sex causes is sexually transmitted diseases. There isn’t a whole lot to say about it. You could die or be debilitated for the rest of your life. So don’t be stupid. But you will be won’t you?

   This is the big one. It is the big one because the gravity of the situation is utterly inconceivable. Getting pregnant when you don’t want a baby. Now be honest with yourself if you have never experience this can you truly say you can even possibly imagen what it must feel like? What is it to have to raise up another human being when you yourself don’t even want to, maybe your still in school. think of everything your parents had to go through to raise you, all the emotional strain. You can’t imagen it. It is not possible so the seriousness of the situation just doesn’t seem to be able to get across.

There are pretty much 2 reason people fall into the sex wheel when they shouldn’t
1. Because they have the mentality that sex isn’t such a big deal(by way of how they were raised up, media, ect)
2.Being horny

 Anyone can try to glorify it all they want but in the end being horny 95% of the time sucks but that is small stuff. Being horny has a reason for existing but to know that reason you must first know and truly accept the REAL reason sex exists. Sex exists for reproduction to maintain a species. Your probably thinking “well duh I knew that” but NO really think about it. Why do we feel driven to have sex, why does it feel so good, why is an orgasm the best feeling a person can feel, why do we feel attracted to other people? All these wonderful things didn’t just magically line up for your pleasure it is all to drive you to have sex. Why? SO YOU REPRODUCE. Humans just happened to end up liking sex for pleasure too. So what is the buffer for all of this what gets the job done in the end? Being horny.

   Being horny can drive even the best and the greatest to make that dumb decision to do it with someone even tho they will regret it. It is no mystery as to why being horny is so incredibly overpowering and tends to completely bind you to good decisions and drives you so incredibly hard to have sex. It does these things so you will have sex in hopes to reproduce.

To conclude all of this though it may seem this way I don’t think sex is in any way wrong and I don’t think sex shouldn’t be used for enjoyment BUT this illusion that humanity is falling into that sex should just be had to be had with as many people as you can have it with as young as you can have it sickens me. It is total bullshit all it does is end up hurting everyone and making people miserable. Whats worse is that it just keeps getting younger and younger. At my old middle school six sixth graders supposedly lost their virginity last year. ANY AVERAGE SIXTH GRADER COULDN’T HANDLE THE CONSEQUENCES OF SEX IF THEY’RE LIFE DEPENDED ON IT! And the worse part is the media is fueling it ten fold and it isn’t showing any sign of stopping.

If a guy gives you his jacket don’t take that shit for granted it means you mean a lot to him. So don’t go wearing multipul guy’s jackets because to us that’s just whoring.